New Beginnings

Flower P0wer 3Well Hello, gosh it’s been so long hasn’t it! You may or may not know what’s been happening in my little world so let me fill you in. I had been unwell since my last post, I can’t believe it is now August! Yesterday marked eight weeks since my subsequent surgery and the test results have thankfully come back good, yay!! So although I am still not quite back to full fitness, I am certainly improving and itching to get back into things.

I am full of gratitude with a nice little scar to remind me when I look in the mirror that everyday is a blessing and we have to live each day to it’s fullest and love to the max. Things like this show you what and who really matters in your life, those that drop everything to come help out especially with the kids, even just a call or dropping a quick line to let you know they are thinking of you. And those that visit with a smile, bring food or gifts or send surprises in the mail, I have appreciated everyone’s kindness, support and help that has meant a lot thank you so much.

And i’m also grateful for new connections i’ve made. People say the internet has made us connect with people less, well I don’t know where i’d be without it. When I wasn’t getting better and knew it wasn’t a virus I reached out to one very special wonderful person and she helped me with her story, advice and uplifting support like you wouldn’t believe. My friendship with Sam is a fantastic positive from all of this. And subsequently she pointed me in the direction of the Thyroid Foundation to get answers where another amazing kind soul helped me and gave me that support I needed to know that I was right, dig in my heels and get to the bottom of things. Two shining guiding lights in a very dark fog. (Very fitting as Perth was covered in the weirdest of fog this morning). I had a large cyst on my thyroid that went toxic causing all sorts of issues that I am not going to get into here (feel free to contact me if you want to know more), just that I couldn’t function and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Although tests came back within range so no-one thought it had anything to do with the cyst. It wasn’t till they removed it earlier than planned, saw what it had done and did more tests did they know.

I have taken this recovery time to focus on family, friends and fun. Have also done a lot of deep thinking, simplifying,  prioritising and planning for the future with the help of my gorgeous friend Liz and her life coaching skills, as well as making myself over a little for a fresh start. All feel good healing things to re-energise the soul and focus the mind.

So if you have stayed with me till the end of this wordy post I thank you. My creativity is now high and can’t wait to share with you again, i’m working on a few things so stay tuned. I have really missed working and connecting with you like you wouldn’t believe. And I also can’t believe all the great things I have missed out on through all this. I think a big party is in order to celebrate great things, new beginnings and life in general.

What exciting things have been happening in your world? How have you been? Is there anything fabulous you can think of that has happened in the past 4 months I may have missed?

If you have a thyroid issue I highly recommend contacting and joining The Australian Thyroid Foundation and if you would love to check out her website or support my inspiring friend Sam in her Disney run to raise money for the Thyroid Foundation, you can find out more at The Annoyed Thyroid  . 

Sending hugs and good vibes your way. xox





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    • Thanks so much Belinda. And thanks again for sharing my room on your gorgeous site, it certainly put a smile on my dial!

  1. Great post Lis! Really happy that things are looking up for you. Well done on having such a positive outlook and looking forward to hearing about this exciting new chapter in your life! Lots of love Lani x

    • Thanks for all your help gorgeous. I really appreciate everything you did for me over the past few months. Truly grateful and something I won’t forget! Here’s to putting this all in the past and moving on – cheers with the “Ciao Bella”. Gosh that was a nice drop. I bought another so we will have to catch up again soon and celebrate.

  2. Wowzers! How did I miss this post. I am so happy that you’re feeling tickety boo and that your mojo is back. If your illness was the cloud, then our little friendship is the silver lining. I’m so touched by your kind words and am truly thankful for our firendship. One day, we’ll get together with a bottle and make a toast to “no troubles, just bubbles!”

    • Biggest hugs to you Sam!! More like the rainbow through the storm and after I think – happy bright and cheery!!

  3. Fabulous post Lis. Missed you so much!! The texts throughout were good but to see you in the flesh was the best gift ever. Glad things are looking up (lil birdy) and can’t wait to see what you have in the pipelines. With love D xx

    • Oh thanks D!! Feeling very blessed for you in my life gorgeous friend and missed you heaps too! Thanks for helping me get through the rough patches as well as listening to my crazy and not so crazy ideas! Lis xox

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