The Beach Club


Don’t you love it when great food and design come together! Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Cottesloe Beach Hotel and their vibrant “The Beach Club” restaurant for an anniversary lunch with hubby.  A relaxing spot right near the ocean. Cool breeze and the smell of the sea against some truly fantastic decor/design. The restaurant/bar had spaces undercover and outside (like above), making the most of our climate all year round. Inspired by the decor, here is a round-up of black and white, metal and yellowy goodness.

Alfresco Oasis

1. Miner’s Overhead Pendant / 2.Umbrella / 3. 2-Seater Lounge / 4. Cushion / 5. Cushion / 6. Stool /  7. Coffee table /


Beach Club Outside

Check out the photo gallery of the The Beach Club  to see pictures of the inside of the restaurant where we ate. Not sponsored, just a lover of great food and design. xox

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