Dreaming of Paris

paul nicholls parisDreaming of Paris today. I just love this city. There is just something about it. I’m also sending birthday wishes to my brother Paul who took this gorgeous pic.¬†You can find more of his European adventure pics via his Facebook page PN Photography. Wishing him a fabulous birthday wherever he is and whatever he gets up to. As well as wishing him a safe journey home. I am so looking forward to seeing him and Sarah again after their adventures.

And Paris is always a good idea!

2 comments on “Dreaming of Paris
  1. Paris is definitely always a good idea! My husband pulled off the most amazing 40th birthday surprise last year and took me there. It truly was a dream come true!! Off now to check out your brother’s photography. Creative genius must run in the family :)

    • You lucky thing!! He is definitely a keeper! We were there as part of our honeymoon for a couple of days 10 years ago , oh my that makes me feel very old, but it wasn’t long enough. Will have to go back. As for Paul, yes he is really getting into his photography this past couple of years and my Mum is also following in his footsteps, she’s pretty good too.

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