Change is as good as a holiday

LuxeAddition poolsideWhen I look back at last year and all that has changed I am pretty chuffed actually. To see opportunities made, offered and seized. Visions came to life. I don’t even recognise parts of our home from photos from the beginning of the year.  Click here to have a little look at my “Flipagram” highlight reel of just some of the Instagram pics from the year.

 2013 Luxe Addition Instagram  

Yes I was/am feeling “On Top Of The World” as the song says. Spent a day devouring magazines and enjoyed drinks by this gorgeous pool, or was that the other way round?  Came a bit crashing back to earth though, as I mentioned before, we caught gastro on our mini break away.  But that highlighted how we can all pull together as a family and to trust your instincts (when one starts to be sick in the night and you only have a half hour trip home, get out while you can in the cover of darkness). And that there is no place like home, especially when you are unwell.

This year will see all the hard work in the house come to life when our home will be featured in a Perth edition of Adore magazine as well as, what I am most excited about, to be featured in the Adore book that is out mid-year! I am very humbled to be included in it , especially to keep such great company as friends and top designers I admire also grace the pages. Adore home shopping tour -one stop Studio Bomba

Loni from Adore Magazine is coming to Perth in February. If you would like to join her and myself for a shopping tour of Perth homewares shops please email her for more information and tickets. Only a few places left – . The all day shopping tour will be held on Saturday February 15th and will include places like Empire, Corner Store, Angelo Street Collective and Studio Bomba above to name just a few. (pic of Studio Bomba via by Jessica Shaver )Luxe + Adore

On Sunday afternoon the 16th of February, I am hosting an invitation only “Luxe + Adore”  Pop-up Shop with a combination of Loni’s homewares as well as my own. See the quick pic above featuring a couple of the products for sale – waiting on most of the stock to arrive so i’ll take more pictures when I can.  Places are limited to approx 40 guests so if you are interested, get in quick and i’ll put you on the list. Email me

I am hoping if this is a hit to continue more exclusive invitation only shopping events throughout the year as well as taking on a few more clients. Well it better be a big hit as hubby up and quit his job this week so i’ll have to get him to come work for me. After that he might want to go back. Really though I am very proud of him for taking this huge step that he hasn’t taken at all lightly. It’s hard to leave something that has been your life for many many years that’s recent changes end up changing you. But you have to shake things up sometimes, take a risk and just go for it. If anyone is looking for a very hard working talented engineer in Perth please email me;)  And job offers for me too are welcome, i’ll go back full time and he can do the stay home thing, which I hate to admit, he would be so much better than me at. Dinner would be on the table at six not twenty past a blog post. ;)

Anyone up for a shopping tour either on a bus or a one stop shop?

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5 comments on “Change is as good as a holiday
  1. twenty past a blog post…I LOVE that line!!

    So wish I lived in Perth so I could join you on the shopping tour and visit your pop up shop. And congrats on the Adore book feature. What an achievement and we’re not even one month into 2014!!

    • Thanks for your encouragement and kind words Kirsten. We are only a plane ride away. Two events – one weekend, would be worth your while!!

  2. “Adore” the new website – love the instagram. Have the Feb. weekend cleared for babysitting & helping duties!

    • Thank you so much Mum, your thoughts and help is always greatly appreciated! You are more than welcome to come back now and take the kids for me. Although they survived homewares shopping today without incident which was nice.

  3. Thanks Lisa! I’m really looking forward to coming to Perth – not long now. And that top picture of the Crown Metropol is making me even more excited about my upcoming stay at the Crown! :)

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