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What a jam packed month completing the Decor 8 Blogging Your Way course “Intention & Style” which was well worth it and really enjoyable. Anyone with a blog or website should do one of Holly Becker’s courses. They are full of all sorts of business, branding, blogging and internet information and really make you think about  your on-line presence. Plus you can connect with many other like minded students. This one also included photography and styling which I found very useful.

As part of our last homework assignment we had to pick a photo that we liked on Pinterest, (see mine here) figure out what we liked about it and let that inspire us to take our own photo using the knowledge about styling and photography that we learnt.

Above are my finished photo’s of our bedroom. I need to study my camera a bit more and learn how to use all the settings to get the shots I want, but I am now on my way to creating the photos I have set-up in my head. Now to go back over it all and re-process everything I have learnt.

Have you done a Decor 8 course? And what did you learn from it?

Have also been very very busy making this new site, what do you think? What would you like to see more of?

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    • Sweet Kirsten thank you!! And you would love any of her courses, put your name down to be notified of when they come up. Drop me a line if you want to know any more info on it. This one was heavy on food styling and shooting which is right up your alley! And you know, your wordpress theme was at the top of my list until I saw your blog and I couldn’t do the same, great minds ;)

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