Spooky Seventh Birthday

My kids are growing up way too fast for my liking. Seems like only yesterday they were learning to walk. Now they run rings around me. Both have had birthday’s recently. Six weeks of parties, of making cakes and decorating stuff. Today i’m sharing some pics from Luca’s kids party last week. He had a “Spooky Scooby Party”. Now before you lecture me on being un-australian with the props used for this party,  I am not pro-halloween, but the un-organized/budget concience Mum in me saw the Big W catalogue, had a light bulb moment and got very excited. Why have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party where you will have to make everything when in the shops you can buy so many spooky themed decorative items the lady at the front door is helping to fill your trolley. Where you can go to town for the price of a turtle shell, and you leave cackling to yourself with your broom filled to the brim.

So we took all these goodies…
 Used these cool skull heads and pumpkins from Big W for the party favours.
Only $4 each and they came full of fantastic lollies. After taking half out
 to use to decorate the cupcake tops and fill a giant bowl of lollies,
 added all sorts of fun stuff to the inside and popped back on the lid.
 Added and modified things we already had around the house including a few Scooby-doo’s,
threw some extra spiderwebs around and it all turned into this…
Added spooky eyes cause every spooky scooby movie
 has a portrait with someone lurking behind.
This freaked Luca out but Bella thought it hilarious
 as you can see here with her photobombing my pic doing crazy eyes!
And set the spooky table very simply.
Even the hallway got the spiderweb treatment.
This was very quick, easy and fun. So sorry Luca, since you were born near Halloween
 your birthday may forever be a “Spookfest“.
Do you get into the Halloween festivities?
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