Let me fill you in… Photo Shoot Time!

A lot has happened since we last caught up. I am still trying to take it all in. Just looking at the last post and seeing how everything looked two months ago to now is such a huge change. So let me fill you in…

Loni from Adore Magazine asked if we would like our home featured in her magazine. Extremely honoured of course said a huge YES!! (There may or may not have been some fainting off my chair then jumping up and down like a crazy person, it’s a bit of an excited haze really)  In all seriousness I am so thankful to her for the amazing opportunity. What a fabulous experience that gave that extra push to get everything done that was needed. Our home now feels more like us and feels more complete.

So after lots and lots and lots of hard work …

Stylist Jo Carmichael and Photographer Jody D’Arcy from Style and Focus visited last week for a photo shoot and it was an experience I won’t forget anytime soon. It was amazing to see these talented ladies in action. To see your home through a beautifully composed pic is so surreal.
Thank you both, what a day!!

Even Belle got in on the action seen here posing for Jody.

A pic of an area that got photographed. The couch arrived and we are so happy with it. Navy velvet which compliments everything and is the perfect size for us all to snuggle, stretch out and lounge on. Thanks to the girls at Empire in Osborne Park! Jo brought down the amazing Designers Guild floral cushion on the right that I am in love with! The artworks featured in the above pic and top pic I created and turned out pretty good in the end.

The biggest biggest thanks goes to my amazing hubby. Without his support, oodles of help and encouragement we would not have been able to achieve everything. He really has gone above and beyond and this was totally a team effort. To our families for their help as well, thank you!! Not sure if they understood what it all meant to begin with but I think they kind of get it now. I will be hassled every time I see anyone now is it out yet? And to my sweet kids, thanks for putting up with me while all this work was going on. They were very proud to have their rooms photographed as they both have had so much input and have put so much of themselves into them. The first thing we did when it was over was went to the park and hung out all afternoon followed by a lovely dinner together which we hadn’t done as much of as we would have liked lately. Lucky it has been a rainy winter or I would have been doing projects in the park while they played I’d say.

So now you know why it’s been so quiet on the blogging front with all the work that’s been going on but on the up side there is now lots to share with you!! Although not too much- got to save most for the Adore magazine article, don’t want to spoil it.

Lisa xox
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5 comments on “Let me fill you in… Photo Shoot Time!
  1. Congrats Lisa – your house looks amazing. Absolutely adore your new sofa, that colour and the velvet, I’m very jealous. I’m sure your house will look stunning in Adore, and I hope you’re pleased with the result.

  2. Oh Lisa – it was my absolute pleasure! Your home is incredible. I got the professional shots back today and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results – simply stunning! Can’t wait to feature your home in the magazine and the Adore Home book!
    Loni x

    • That’s fantastic Loni, so glad you loved them! I can’t wait to see the pics, it’s all very exciting. You hired a fabulous team in Jo and Jody, they are so lovely to work with and really know their stuff.

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