Incorporating Navy – A House Update

Well hi there, yes it’s been a while hasn’t it, my biggest apologies. Been extremely busy lately. Have also been finalising the major decisions to finish off the house. I like to take my time to get things right and plan everything out but sometimes you need a deadline to help you choose from the thousands of options. And a quote I read recently, it’s better to do something than do nothing at all, which is quite true.
Most things are changeable but the major things need careful consideration, planning and revisiting to be completely happy with something that’s going to be with you for a long time. So here are a few updates for our main living dining kitchen area….
 A couch for the family room has been the major issue stalling all proceedings in finishing off.
We wanted something long we could all sit on : those tall and those small. It had to look a bit glam but be kid friendly.  It couldn’t be too deep or a corner lounge with the gatherings we have it needs to be able to be moved. An understated statement piece if that’s possible. Like finding the perfect black dress that you could dress up or down for any occasion. After over a year of looking with nothing to be found that bettered our black couch we decided it would have to be made…
So we ordered this couch…
in this navy velvet warwick fabric to go with the curtains…
So it will look something like this which was featured in House and Garden Magazine..
With possibly some of these cushions
which will look so much better on navy than on black…
To go with two white chairs alongside…
And then this turned up on gumtree to throw us a curve ball…..
And did I mention it was free. (I had to give her a little something for it, I could not take it for free) but yes free to a good home. Well I am very happy to help there.
It was made in 1960 and had lived in a South Perth formal room so it hasn’t seen much wear.
Although the arms have received some damage when it was transported once perhaps. I am thinking of trying to sew it up and add some nail head trim to hide any holes.
Or my Dad suggested to add some trim around the edge which could work too. Any suggestions? The couch is not in bad enough condition, apart from the fronts here, to need re-upholstering yet but will be on the cards one day.
Have you seen these legs!!
Not exactly sure if these two couches will go together but i’ll find a room for her somewhere.
What’s left : A massive rug but I think carpet that has been edged because a rug that is too small will only make the space feel stingy. A big pendant light to go above the coffee table which needs to be put up as well as downlights fitted in the room. Also dining chairs. I’m still loving the ghost chairs even if Neale Whitaker says he is over them. But until I find something else I love I think they will be the best option that are kid friendly, stack if not in use and are able to be used afterwards for parties or some around the house for decoration or at desks.
Head down at full steam back into it now peoples.
If you are lucky I might show you the plans for the hallway soon…
Lisa xox
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2 comments on “Incorporating Navy – A House Update
  1. Fabulous sofa, and love the velvet covered legs with piping, as you point out. Worth keeping even until you recover it. You must have a spot somewhere. I mean, free after all!

    • The green will certainly match better than the golden beige couch we had in this spot. And if it was to need a new home i’ll let you know if you are calling first dibs ;) It’s almost like the girl version and the navy one will be the more manly version.

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