The Great Gatsby

Over the weekend hubby took me to see The Great Gatsby, thanks babe. Baz and his crew definitely did a fabulous job. The costumes were gorgeous, especially Daisy’s dresses. I’m not sure that I “loved it” but it was very very good, maybe I was expecting a little more interiors. You know i’ll be the one with the DVD when it comes out pausing it to study the rooms and tell the actors to move out of the way, except maybe Leo.  These stills from Warner Bros show off some of the detail of the sets in the movie. I didn’t notice all the detail in the rooms till looking closely at these.
 Gatsby’s Mansion.
The Terrace
The Ballroom
Lavish parties at Gatsby’s Place
Jay Gatsby’s Bedroom
Buchanan House
My favourite room was the Buchanan’s lounge room, one of my all time favourite colour schemes peaches, cream and gold. And that chandelier was the icing on the cake.
The rugs in the movie were just stunning but again I didn’t notice until seeing these pics!
Dining Room.
And Leo, just because ;)
Have you seen it? What did you think?
Lisa xox
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