Happy Mother’s Day!

 Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely ladies out there! Hope you had a fantastic day yesterday and were as spoilt as I was. Lovely handmade cards and gifts from the kids, big hugs and kisses, presents to keep me warm and make me smile plus sharing my favorite croissants with jam and cream for breakfast with my gorgeous kids and hubby, what more could you ask for!Thanks to my Mum and Mother in Law who are always there for us. We feel very lucky to have such fantastic love and support from you both. To my Nan and Aunties as well who do so much and are always there for advice and spoiling. And the sisters and cousins – All the lovely ladies in our lives!! They all shape, influence and help us to be who we are.

I don’t think until you are a parent yourself you truly see and appreciate how much your Mum’s, and the parental figures in your lives, truly did for you growing up and continue to do for you now. They do soooo much!! Big thanks and hugs to them!
 I feel very privileged to have two wonderful kids who I adore and make being a mum feel extra special. They have qualities that I so admire and try to emulate at times. My son whose inquisitive nature and constant questions about how the world works are at times never ending, but his thirst for knowledge is infectious as I too am taking the time to question, explore and investigate anything that interests me these days. Even piping icing on a cake I had always thought too hard after many attempts (silly exploding piping bag!!) but thanks to Youtube I found out that I hadn’t had the bag twisted at the top to keep a firm pressure and then woohoo, I have a new skill. It’s that easy. And I admire my daughter who is so self confident and not afraid to walk up to complete strangers and strike up a conversation with “Hi I’m Bella, what’s your name?” Just watching peoples faces light up when she does is heart warming. She is the life of any party, and loves to perform. She does challenge me to be more outgoing and seek more fun.
Kids teach us all sorts of things that we didn’t already know how to do, or things about ourselves. Patience of course is a big one when you are a parent. To put others before ourselves would be another. But the biggest would be the love you share for your child and that you’d do anything for them. All of these things come so easily when you see that smile on their faces and when they say they love you.
What question do you have today that you could find the answer to and which complete stranger will you smile and say hi to to brighten their day. The sky is not the limit, shoot for the stars, and sprinkle happiness on your way!
Lisa xox
P.S. Sorry if you’ve seen the above pic on Instagram or Facebook already, worked on another for a while and I let it go in the end as it wasn’t up to scratch.

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  1. This was so beautiful Lisa! While I was reading I imagined you icing cupcakes and greeting strangers! Such special children you have. LovT

    • Thanks T! Yeah I agree I think they are pretty special;) I still need plenty of practice with icing cupcakes and striking up conversations but I am working on it. Lis xox

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