Luxe Addition on Pinterest

Yes I have given in and joined Pinterest and been doing a spot of “pinning”
now that it is finally working properly.
Thanks to Jessica Aylward from the Help Center who fixed it for me. I’d like to only pin from original sources which is getting more and more difficult with people not linking through to where the image came from. I think I am getting a little frustrated and confused with it all. So I went to my favourite designers for now and pinned my fav pics of theirs as a starting point. As well as starting to pin a few of my own pics. And i’m not able to move my boards around so hopefully they fix that glitch soon.
The only concern I have is when I remove the “blogspot” part of my page what happens to the things I have pinned? I better hurry and do that before I do much more pinning then perhaps.
But if you are interested in having a look, joining, following, re-pinning, commenting, whatever you feel like really,  feel free by following this link to find Luxe Addition on Pinterest.
Or also find Luxe Addition on Facebook where I have updated it a bit.
And you can also find them via the tabs to the top right.
Are you on Pinterest? Any advice for a first timer??
Lisa xox