Bedroom Make-over Part 2

A bit of bedroom progress today. A new winter look I am working on, although it’s still evolving, so i’ll show you a couple of looks and see which one you like better.
I started with my love of white quilt covers, the ones with a border which are terribly hard to find. Pottery Barn Kids have some so hopefully they will sell them online here soon in Australian sizes. But I did find this quilt cover by Peter Morrisey and it matches in with the riad cushions I wanted to keep in here so I was rapt. The cover is so soft and my only regret is that the pillowcases don’t also have the border around them but instead have a stripe but that’s ok as they also match my sons room. Plus it’s ok cause we can mix and match!
 The sheets are Florence Broadhurst from Adairs and they are equally as soft and very striking. I have ordered some Europeans in the cranes print (pic below bottom right) so that might give it a bit of a different look, ready for winter.
All Florence Broadhurst is very much reduced at the moment so check out Adairs. These sheets also came in a beige colour.
 The cushions on our bed are actually green like the Adairs pic above although they look gold here.
 I put this on yesterday and hubby says he liked it although he thought I might not as much as it may be a bit mascuine for my taste…
I said not to worry as I can certainly girly it up!! So here is option 2.
Hello pink!!
Yes I realise there are a lot of cushions here but what can I say, they make me happy!!
Wonder how this will go down when hubby gets home. It’s blue underneath!
Then here is another option minus the girly flower cushion and adding a gold one instead.
I’m thinking a small round gold mirror for above the bed and a blanket or throw for the end of the bed. And on the opposite side from here we have put in a big white chest of drawers, which I would love to change the handles of to personalise it.
Don’t forget the bedside table.
A flamingo perhaps? And flowers picked by my kids from the garden.
 It is amazing the difference you can make just by changing things around in your room, even just  adding something like fresh flowers or a nice smelling candle next to your bed. Or how about a warm throw for winter and a place to curl up and read a book on a rainy cold night.
So which set-up is your favourite?
And have you entered our cushion competition? Entries close tonight!
Lisa xox
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4 comments on “Bedroom Make-over Part 2
  1. Your bedroom is so pretty but not super feminine, I think the navy blue is a great choice of colour. I like the first photo with the mustard coushins and that flamengo is hallarious! x

    • Cheers Michelle. It is looking different again today, not so many cushions. The flamingo moved back with her mate to the top of the cabinet as I couldn’t handle it staring at me while I was in bed.

  2. I like the first option best. Your bedroom is looking beautiful. Very luxurious. I’m glad somebody else loves lots of pillows on their bed.

    • Thanks Mel. Yes I love pillows, although where to put them when they ain’t on the bed is a bit of a problem. Still looking for a bench I adore for the end of the bed.

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