What a fabulous busy week and weekend i’ve had and I am still trying to get over it, i’m worn out! My birthday was on the weekend and I was totally spoilt by family and friends. From my sweet Mum and Dad doing a dinner for me and my sister-in-law L,  to staying at the Crown Friday night and enjoying a night out with the best friends a gal could ask for (and big thanks again to Mum and Dad for babysitting). Then Sunday was spent helping my sister-in-law B and brother-in-law V at a high tea to raise money for cancer. The biggest congrats to them as they put in so much effort and have raised a lot of money in the process.
 This blog has had a celebration of it’s own recently since it has now been up and running for over a year! I’ve been looking back to see how much things have changed in the past year and where to go from here. There is now a huge to-do list and it’s growing by the day. I am certainly run off my feet however this blog seems to not be showing that so much so I must sit down and share more with you!
So I just wanted to take this opportunity and say thanks for reading and for all your support over the past year. It’s been such fun and I have learnt so much! And have met some new and wonderful people.
Lisa xox
P.S. My most favorite gifts were the words in cards written by a couple of very special people who support me and inspire me to shoot for the stars. Thank you!! I won’t embarrass them by naming names but I want them to know I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help and encouragement.
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  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fantastic time. I have been dropping hints for ages to stay at Crown and my birthday is in 2 weeks so fingers crossed! Love the new profile pic too :)

    • Thanks heap Michelle! And I hope you get a special treat for your birthday!! I couldn’t believe how different it is inside the casino and all the places to eat in there now. And the rooms were very glam!

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