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 I haven’t been here for a little while, been taking a bit of time out for family like seen here with Bella enjoying the beach yesterday. It’s still been so hot here in Perth I started some painting projects over Easter like the kids cubby but just need to finish it off when it cools down a bit.
 Also i’ve been doing a lot of research and re-evaluation and i’ve come to a bit of a crossroads. I know what I want this blog to look and feel like and the direction I wish it to take but I don’t believe that this Blogspot platform is able to take me there. I want a professional website look not a blog look.
When Luxe Addition started almost a year ago now I played around with WordPress and found it way over my head with too many options for this little procrastinator but now i’ve been back and found i’ve actually learnt something through Blogger and can find my way around. I now find Blogger too limiting, I can’t even get the font to be what I want it to be without adding code which I know nothing about etc. Or the pics to all line up and be the same size.
So is WordPress the next step to take? Or are there other options? Has anyone had any luck in transferring their Blogspot to WordPress?
Any advice and thoughts are greatly welcomed at this point!!
Lisa xox
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  1. Im on blogger and know what you mean. Iv been making lots of changes to my blog lately adding heading tabs etc but feel it still looks a bit clunky and not as professional and clean as Id like. My biggest issue is the photos not being the same size, I dont know where to start with that. If you find the answer Id love to know about it :)
    On a side note I actually think your blog does look professional, its clean and easy to read and the header looks professional. I think white backgrounds are always easier on the eye.

  2. Go WordPress! It takes a little bit to set up, you will need to find some-one who knows what they are doing for coding reasons but after that it is easy to add buttons, headers etc with some practice. Goodluck

  3. PS me again, Apparently Esty have heaps of blog designers offering their services on that site. There are also other bloggers who do design blog work so keep your eyes open

    • Thanks Mummy Manifesto. I take my hat off to you for starting and staying with WordPress, it was way over my head but I think it might be the way to go.

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