Hope you like zebra’s…

This weekend saw me “Ikea Hacking” a side table for my brother Paul and his girlfriend Sarah. Remind me next time I go to Ikea with them not to brainstorm out loud all the different things you could do to this side table to jazz it up. Somehow I stepped in a jazzifying puddle there. But I did have some fun doing this.
But this is a really easy and quick Hack to do. I took the most time choosing what to do with it then what to put on it from what I had in the house. Paul suggested I get the kids to throw paint all over it, which if he isn’t happy with how this turned out he can do that with them at his house.
Take one Hemnes Ikea side table.
And some black and white wallpaper from Masters
 to the drawer front and shelf, after tracing around them,
and cutting out the wallpaper with a knife.
Then glue on with some Mod Podge.
Then I had my trusty six year old side kick help me assemble it – all those lego hours paid off, he can certainly follow instructions!
Then add a few accessories for styling purposes and whalla…
There are so many possibilities with this little side table to personalize it and really make it your own.
You could colour in or paint between the stripes of this wallpaper or just in the little circular bits like near the handle in gold or whatever tickles your fancy. Or change the knob for something funky.
There are plenty of possibilities, anything goes with it.
If you had one of these you could easily just change the front of the drawer as it is perfect scrap booking paper size or A4 card or wallpaper sample size, even some fabric could work.
The base however is a lot wider so that’s why I used wallpaper.
And it’s a lot easier to do this before you assemble it but there is nothing stopping you doing a template for furniture that is already assembled.
So what do you think?
Paulie and Sarah, do you like it or is it staying at my house?
Lisa xox
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