Corner Store – A Tour and Interview

In Perth we are blessed to have a charming chain of shops called Corner Store. Have you been in? In case you haven’t, and even if you have had the pleasure, let me take you on a tour full of fabulousness through the Fremantle shop on South Terrace.
Also join me for an interview with
Caroline Thew and Annie Taylor…
Caroline and Annie, tell us a bit about yourselves and your backgrounds.
We have a law degree, a fashion line, previous retail shops, a gaggle of children and two fully stamped passports between us. We both grew up in Western Australia and now raise our families and run our business here.
I understand that Corner Store is a family run business. Who are the faces/owners behind Corner Store and who plays what role in the business? 
Corner Store is a collaborative business and we all lend a hand and work together when needed. We focus on the buying and visual merchandising side of Corner Store. Our husbands Kevin & Adam handle marketing, logistics, furniture and morning coffee barista duties.
The owners and faces behind Corner Store -
 from left Kevin Sanderson, Caroline Thew, Adam Thew, Annie Taylor.
Image via Corner Store.
How did Corner Store come to be and where was your first store?
We opened our first shop in Fremantle in 1999, inspired by the work of talented designers and our own travel experiences. We wanted to share all the wonderful things we have spied abroad with our own home town.
How did your business grow from vision/dream to reality? From beginnings to now four stores plus an online store.
We have never followed a master plan and instead concentrate everyday on creating beautiful spaces that we hope inspires our customers. The growth to four shops has been an organic process and as a result they all have their own personalities and offer different retail experience and atmosphere.
With these four stores, two of which are also furniture showrooms, do each stock different products or have a different vibe? And tell us some of the products and product lines that you stock.
Each shop is a unique space cobbled together with love and a lot of paint. We always include a mix of La Maison, antique pieces and handcrafted touches in our shop fit out to create a different personality for each space.
And what does your online store carry?
A mix of home wares and gifts from our retail shops. We have big plans for the online shop, stay tuned!
How would you describe Corner Store to those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting?
Vibrantly hued, welcoming and surprising – there is always an unexpected treasure on the shelves!
You are well known for your fabulous eye-catching window displays. Who comes up with these and how often do you change them?
Oh, thank you! We love designing and installing them. Corner Store windows are a collaborative effort between ourselves and staff. We change them when we are inspired by newly arrived stock, the arrival of a new season or creativity strikes us. It is a wonderful way to interact with our neighbours and start conversations with them.
 Spot the man on his bike admiring the window display?
What makes WA customers unique?

Our WA customers are friendly and warm. They often have a fresh and bright take on design and are not afraid to splash around some colour. We have really enjoyed reaching out to customers further a field with our online store too.

Do you have some Easter gift ideas in store?
We have an extensive range of Jellycat bunnies, beautiful ceramic bunny pieces and hen print melamine  items by Rice in store this Easter.

The softest Jellycat Bunnies above, my daughter Bella loves them!
 Do you have any future projects you’d like to share with us?
2013 holds some exciting endeavors for Corner Store, including products we have designed.

Where do you source your products from? 

Near and far, including an Atelier in Paris, a German Beer Hall and Egypt.
Who or what inspires you?
We never know when inspiration will hit us, it can be the most unsuspecting thing. A regular source for us though is bygone eras and childhood nostalgia.
They have fantastic sewing supplies.
Bought these gorgeous gold scissors for my Nan for her birthday.

You also have a blog Corner Story. Who writes this?
We contribute weekly as do our Corner Store Shop Girls and Kylie Thevanau. We have connected with some extraordinary people and discovered wonderful blogs (like Luxe Addition!) through our Facebook page and website. It’s wonderful.

Favourite thing about Corner Store?
The sense of family between our staff, we feel lucky to have such a strong team of creative individuals.

The gorgeous Abbey from Corner Store Fremantle on South Terrace
Bella would look stunning in one of these gorgeous Tutu De Monde dresses!
What do you love about Perth?
Swans, sunshine and the lovely locals.
Three words to best describe Corner Store?
Colour, Joi de vivre, Curiosity.
Thanks so much for your time ladies, I have loved getting an insight into the unique and charming Corner Store and the talented people behind it!
Thanks for having us Lisa! We love your blog and have really enjoyed having a chat with you.
Corner Store is a delight. Going through the photos taken there were so many more things to discover that I hadn’t seen while in the shop. It pulls at your heart strings and different items can take you back to your childhood or memories of your grandparents place. Corner Store celebrates the fun things in life. Quirky, whimsical, bright and fabulous. It is the perfect place to find that special something that has meaning and is unique.
A special mention to Tess for your help to organise all this and making it come together. And to Abbey and Heloise in the Fremantle store for putting up with me. There are certainly some wonderful people working at Corner Store full of talent, inspiration and friendliness and that is why the stores are so successful. Pop in to your local Corner Store if you are in Perth and if not they are only a mouse click away. But be warned, you will have to stay awhile.
I am very excited to see what the rest of 2013 has in “Corner Store” for us!

Unless stated, images by Lisa Marinovich for Luxe Addition.
(yes that’s me in the pink)

Lisa xox
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