The Block Bathroom Week

This week was bathroom make-over week on The Block All Stars and boy there were some great examples. Everyone could have added more storage being “family” bathrooms and thought more about lighting, but hey, they are churning them out faster than I can post about them. I think we can give them some slack.
Josh and Jenna had me at marble. I love white and grey marble, not too much of it, just the right amount. And they delivered winning this week. I would have preferred one big bench and mirror to these two small separate ones. Love the plantation shutters and all the white! You can add your own colour palette to it easily.
Dan and Dani’s bathroom, is not my cup of tea but I do think it’s pretty special. And maybe they could have done a nice white wooden shutter on the window too, but with their budget I would do that frosted look as well. It lets in a lovely glow.
How cute are their lights. And Missoni hand towels for a touch of colour, gorgeous.
You can see why these two teams were pinching their pennies on the first two bedrooms. you can always swap out a bed, much harder to change a bathroom.
Mark and Duncan delivered a scandinavian vibe this week.
I am still not sure on the tiles, maybe just on the floor with a nice thick white skirting hinting at it’s heritage roots would make it tie in better with the house.
I do like those white animal heads.
But No, I do not like the urinal! It’s not pretty. It needs to go in it’s own toilet space/room, so I believe does a bidet and even a toilet. I don’t like seeing toilets out in full view in bathrooms, it detracts from the ambience. At least build a little wall or locate it behind a door if you can. If they were that worried about seat up seat down with boys, install a toilet with a lid that automatically closes after use. Or just make a rule that everyone puts the lid back down, is that not good manners? Seems to work in our house (most of the time).
Amity and Phil’s sounded amazing but I think I do have to agree with the judges when they said they didn’t need a fireplace. Although in the right house, it would be very cool, or should I say warm, wouldn’t it. And a tv! If you love your baths it would be your idea of heaven. But yes I think considering their tight budget they might think of taking it out and using it in a living space and putting cupboards in. Or returning it if possible, after all don’t the other two bedrooms have fireplaces already.  I don’t believe they deserved chumps but then no-one did.
Their lights were beautiful above the bath.
And they were the only ones to tuck the toilet right away!! There is an extra ten points in my book.  Just take a second to imagine brushing your teeth in the morning in some of these bathrooms and seeing the reflection of someone on the toilet…or right next to you.
All photos via homes.ninemsn
Do you think Amity and Phil were hard done by? And which was your favourite?
Lisa xox
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