The Block All Stars – Bed 2

In case you missed it this past weeks rooms reveal found Mark and Duncan to be the winners of the second bedroom challenge. They won with a very cool boys room.
Head on over to where you can see all the detail in these rooms at ninemsn.
Followed closely by Amity and Phil (adore this room!)
They have pulled it together this week!!
Juju anyone? I have always wanted to get a juju hat for above our bed
 but when I asked hubby a while back, then showed him this this week,
 I am not sure he is convinced. They give such softness and depth to a space though.
Josh and Jenna are again thinking about their budget and making it more sell friendly than challenge winning. I think they are right when they say they are two different things. I mean would you prefer they splurge on a kitchen or on cushions?  But even just one cushion on that bed could have made a big difference rather than having that plant.
Did you notice these knobs?
The judges keep saying this is so last season of the block for Dan and Dani. Well I think they need to ease up a bit. These are soothing sophisticated greys combined with gorgeous blues with the painting helping to define the colour palette. It should appeal to many buyers. The fireplace styling let them down though.
This week is bathroom week and I am looking forward to seeing the results. Amity and Phil’s sounds amazing with fireplace and a mirror that turns into a tv! And they have done fabulously by winning the small bathroom challenge. However, will the slope of their bathroom floor be a major issue!!
Who do you think is going to wow us this week?? And are you a fan of the juju hat??
Lisa xox
2 comments on “The Block All Stars – Bed 2
  1. The juju is definately growing on me, I saw a red one used in a study on Candice Tells All last week and the husband liked that one, maybe if it was in a different colour you could convince the Mr?
    I think J&J should’ve spent some dollars on coushins, they didnt have to be expensive but their bed did look very flat and plain.
    My fav this week was A&P :)

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