A Bedroom Make-over Part 1

Don’t you just love a well made bed. Something to come home to that makes you feel special. Your own little slice of heaven.

Thanks again to Lisa from Mummy Manifesto for the bedroom make-over idea,
a welcome push I didn’t know I needed. Why is it I was happy with the room until I saw it through a lense and saw all it’s shortfalls? So bare with me as I do realise it still needs a lot of work. So this is “Part 1″ of a work in progress for this room showing the bed and side tables.Let’s say it was verging on the display home or for sale side rather than a room we live in a while back. My brief is to infuse a little more personality and colour contrast into it.This is a pic of what it looked like before this mini make-over.
Our main bedroom was the first room in our home to be fairly “complete” when we moved in. And that’s the way it has mostly stayed since.  It’s in view as you walk through our home so it has to look nice. We had the wallpaper installed before we moved in, we already had the bed, the bedding and the lamps so we just had to find the side tables, which we found a little later. All in all it was a nice room but a bit too tonal. It’s too matchy matchy for my tastes theses days and I am a little over it. We had been adding different cushions and pillowcases throughout last year with the quilt cover to add a bit of life to it. But it’s time for a change…
For stage 1 of this make-over the first thing on the list was to buy a white quilt cover. My idea is to mix and match different pillows and pillowcases to keep it fresh. Also we wanted to make it cooler for summer.
This however was harder to find than it sounds. I had definitely left it way too late to buy a plain white one as winter quilt covers are coming out now, event though it is still so hot here in Perth. So to Target I ended up after exhausting other avenues. And if at the end of this year we do find something we love we can get it, not worry this one had cost alot.
The yellow pillowcases and pillow are from Aura. The navy and white cushions were made by our curtain lady out of the Riad curtain fabric from the main living area. (Which reminds me I don’t believe I have shown you the curtains have I so I will get onto that.) And the quilt cover is from Target which is quite nice. My only issue with it is that it creases.
When it comes to bedside tables I have to admit I like them plain with just the lamp on top but that won’t work unless the lamps are injecting some colour, pattern or interest into the scheme.  These are transparent so we need some bedside styling, stat!
Here’s the side tables that I have quickly thrown together using things from around the house. I am now on the lookout for decor fabulousness on future trips out and about!
I don’t know about you but it’s important to me to include objects that have great meaning in my home. This includes one of my favourite pics of hubby and I on our honeymoon in Paris when the Eiffel tower was at it’s
twinkling best.
And not to forget the man side
although this needs something a little more relevant
to my husband and a bit more colour.
Why do I have such a love of white objects!!
These side tables are great to hold some of my
ever growing collection of decorating books.
And the bowl and plate somewhere to put my glasses or jewelry at the end
of the night, but this is a space I will also re-visit.
So here is a list of things I need to source for the room:

Bedside table objects – for the Male and Female side that reflect our personalities. That fill some vertical and horizontal space while leaving room for other essentials like a glass of water or book.
A bench for the foot of the bed
A throw for more texture and colour
Some artwork for the walls
More personality and colour contrast while still keeping it a dreamy space.
Chair and side table styling in the sitting area of the room.
Chest of drawers styling.
What do you think of Part 1?

Lisa xox
All photos by Lisa Marinovich
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