The Block "All Stars"

 Have you gotten into the new series of The Block – Allstars
It see’s past contestants Dan and Dani, Josh and Jenna, Amity and Phil, Mark and Duncan back to compete with only six weeks to do all that work OMG!
Who are your favourites? Mine would have to be Amity and Phil, who are so happy and bubbly. Also because she had my favourite orange and pink jacket on in the first episode. Love her style. Their charity room was great and I look forward to seeing what else they come up with. The tradies Duncan and Mark, love them too. It’s just wonderful the care, detail and attention they have gone to in restoring their property. By the way, how hard is that, heritage listed!!! Plus a new build out the back? Did I mention 6 weeks??  I’m stressed just thinking about it!
The other two couples are really focused and fired up working flat out. The first week of their homes saw Josh and Jenna win with a pared back minimal room. Maybe they could have added a bit more colour and life but they are focusing on their future purchaser and dressing it accordingly so they can just move straight in and add their own personality, so clever perhaps?
The judges said that Dan and Dani’s wasn’t up to scratch
and that they had seen it all before.
I thought the colours were lovely and inviting.
Mark and Duncan stepped out of their comfort zones and impressed. It was unexpected and very designer. Maybe a little too many things going on but I thought it was such a fabulous effort. And lots of colour and texture and pattern! Mark must have been studying hard and i’d say their home will go for top dollar because of the quality and attention to detail they put in.
And this clock was gorgeous! My friend D and I came across this in
a few stores last month when we were perusing homewares stores.
A little pricey but a true statement piece.
 The judges said Amity and Phil’s style wasn’t consistent throughout the room with a mish mash of different styles, but the colours were great. In fact I have recently bought the same Aura range as their quilt cover but just the pillowcases and in yellow. Again, think she is on my wavelength.
 Lisa from Mummy Manifesto suggested I might think about doing some block related posts so since they have done Bedroom 1′s this week I am inspired to do mine over a little bit too.
Stay tuned for a Bedroom Make-over post soon!
All images via The Block or Channel Nine “The Block” catch-up tv show.

Who are your favourites and who do you think will win this season?

Lisa xox
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  1. I am loving the Block! I havent picked a favourite team yet their styles are all quite different and I have to agree with the Judges nothing really wow yet (although the boys were pretty impressive!). I think with the first room they are just warming up really, looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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