Back to School

Reflecting on our first school week…
What a very busy week we had last week and I am only just
sitting down now to type again.
My son Luca has started Year 1 at a new school this year and I am so proud of how he has settled straight in. It was a joint decision with him about the possibility of moving schools, always keeping him in the loop we decided to put in an application and leave it up to fate. He was accepted and he was very excited to move. I’m not going to go into the in’s and out’s of why we wanted to move schools, i’ll just say that where he was wasn’t the right fit for him. As a mum it’s incredibly hard to figure out if you are doing the right thing or not, but sometimes you have to listen to your heart and include your kids in hard decisions and do what you think is best.
My biggest worry was that the new school wouldn’t be as great as what we had hoped but it seems to be so far which is the biggest relief. With a first day answer of “fantastic” to the “how was your first day” question, I don’t think you could ask for anything better.
I love how he said he had already made five new “best friends” on the first few days, is it really that easy when you are young? Wish it was that easy when you are older.
It was the hardest leaving my gorgeous friend Tammie who I used to see everyday. And not just me Tammie, Bella misses you too!! Wish you could come with us, have the best of both worlds. You will be happy to know that I don’t have to entertain Bella for half an hour before the end of school because we park a little ways away from the school and walk so sneaking a bit of exercise in there too. And she has started dance classes this week with her cousins so she is super excited although the moving schools has been the hardest for her I think! But she loves thanking the crosswalk lady in the morning/afternoon and seeing lots of new things around. She is also the life of the party who walks straight up to anyone new and says “Hello I’m Bella, what’s your name?” so she has no trouble fitting in in any new situation.  I think I will have to take a leaf out of her book.
I shed a tear seeing Luca sitting at a desk with the little tray containing his belongings, so grown up! Where did the past six years go?
I’m most surprised he’s been getting stickers for being quiet and listening, he is always busy asking so many questions about how the world works he must be learning and absorbing so much being challenged which is fabulous.  Ever since he was born he has had this “I have learnt/achieved that what’s next attitude” like he is in a rush to be that grown up person out in the world. I have never worried about him because I have this deep down feeling he is here for something extraordinary. That might sound a bit weird but he is incredibly bright, funny, friendly and sociable, kind, talented, creative, mature beyond his young years and spunky with the biggest blue eyes, he could do anything he sets his mind to in life. I hope one day he reads this and realises what a proud mum he has and how all she has ever wanted for him is to be as happy as he can be!
Luca, I am so glad you have fit straight in with such ease like you have always been there. I hope that this new environment continues to feed your thirst for knowledge, helps you to explore your creative and musical side, inspires you, is filled with laughter, friendships and fun and helps you shoot for the stars.
Love Mummy xox
Photo above is a small part of a stunning mosaic from his new school, beautiful isn’t it.
Do you have kids at school? How was their first week?
Lisa xox
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