Permission to Shine!

Happy 2013 to you!!  It’s time to get back into it after a lovely break. My hubby also had a few well deserved weeks off and we squeezed in a mini getaway with the kids which was lovely. Ventured not that far from home but as long as it’s with the ones you love and everyone gets a chance to do something they want to on the holiday, and you get a chance to relax, I don’t think it matters where you go. Sometimes the best holidays are in your own backyards that you never get a chance to explore.

Last Monday the two of us went out for lunch for Mr M’s birthday and we just sat in a restaurant and ate, talked and relaxed for two and a half hours. Not feeling we have to rush back for the kids. Why has it been so long since we felt this? And why is life such a rush that you don’t get the chance. We need to make the time to sit and relax and be in each others great company!

So it started me thinking about “Resolutions” for this new year.

My main goal would be to work on “Being Happier” and in turn hopefully that spreads to others. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely thankful and feel I live such a dream happy life already but I found last year quite hard at times. So this year is going to be different with a few changes and a couple of new beginnings. I have a some fantastic opportunities coming up and I am going to relish in them. I intend to see where the wind takes me and have lots of fun along the way doing whatever brings joy and happiness. And block out any negative ninnies who try to dissuade you from your dream.

In 2013 I plan to….Have more fun. Seize opportunities. Take a few risks. Step out of my comfort zone. Challenge myself. Relax. Take more time to just be. Live in the moment. Disconnect devices, Connect to people. Breathe. Play more with the kids. Laugh loud. Be totally silly sometimes and did I mention Have Fun!

It is sounding a little all about me now I read back, but as a Mum lets face it you work 24/7. I wouldn’t swap being a Mum for anything though. It can be hard at times but what you put in you get back times ten. Sweet little kisses, big hugs, cheeky smiles and squeals of delight are what I live for. By taking some time for yourself to do what makes you happy, that happiness flows onto those around you. Gaining that time however can be a different story.

So i’m giving myself “Permission to Shine” this year and beyond! I’m going to jump in the deep end, seek fabulous opportunities, give lots of hugs, choose to be happy and have fun! And support those who are also twinkling and sparkling on their journey as well.
What are your resolutions for 2013?? How you are going to shine this year?

2 comments on “Permission to Shine!
  1. Im with you on embracing new opportunities and exciting ventures this year! In fact this year my word is “Embrace”
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Xmas break and enjoying our hot and sunny weather. I have been missing your inspiring posts, looking forward to seeing more in 2013 :)

    • As always, love hearing from you Michelle! Happy New Year!! Embrace- that is just perfect! Sums it up in one word. Um no I am not enjoying this weather I’m afraid, especially as the little projects i’ve wanted to do (like spray painting, doing up some furniture) I haven’t been able to do because of either our searing heat, humid weather, rain or blowing a gale winds. Do you like the heat? But yes did get a chance to “Embrace” my family, chill (in the air-con) and re-arrange some rooms amongst other things over the break. Shine on in 2013 Michelle!!

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