Merry Christmas!

One last Christmas post for 2012.
You didn’t think I would leave Stella out of the Christmas decorating did you? 
Although she doesn’t seem overly impressed
by the hitch-hiker on her back.
This time last year I wasn’t even thinking about doing this blog and so i’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for reading and sharing my journey!  Thanks to fellow bloggers and instagramers who I’ve gotten so much support from as well as some very special people and fantastic friends and family who always take the time to comment and share. Thank you it means so much!

  All this wouldn’t be possible without three special people whom i’d like to take this opportunity to thank personally. The first person i’d like to thank is Lisa from mummymanifesto. Lisa, you are a great support and full of advice when I need it, and I so admire your determination and drive when it comes to what you are doing while juggling motherhood. I tend to be a bit sporadic with posts but you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and you are working towards it at lightning speed. You are inspiring!

The second is my darling husband who puts up with a hell of a lot when i’m in creative mode. He is nothing but supportive and the biggest help possible. He knows how important this is to me and is always there to help me out. Thanks so much babe!!

Thirdly and certainly not least is to my brother Paul. Paulie, you have been the biggest support and help to me this year whenever I’ve needed it. You are always the first one in there liking and sharing on facebook and helping with advice and internet issues and webpages. I hope next year you pursue your dreams even more taking sooo many more photos. And yes we will do that photography course together next year, although I feel it is only me that needs it!!

Here’s wishing you all a divine Christmas and fabulous 2013.
I hope I’ve added a bit of Luxe to your year this year with much more in the year to come!
Now go and give those kids around you a big squeeze and extra cuddles from me, as well as from those that can’t be with us but who are always in our thoughts and hearts.
Merry Christmas!

Lisa xox
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2 comments on “Merry Christmas!
  1. Your home looks like it could be straight out of a design book, the most beautiful Xmas theme Iv seen this year. Love it and I want that horse lamp too! It has been great getting to know you in 2012 you have inspiring posts and a real eye for design, its great to meet a fellow Perth home lover too x

    • Hi Michelle, thank you!! Thanks for all your support this year, it’s been great getting to know you too. I think Matt Blatt sells the horse lamps, mine came from Empire a few years back. Hope 2013 brings lots of fabulous things your way!

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