Decking the Halls – part 4

Today i’m going to share a few more pics from around the house, then I must sign off and get things checked off the to do list. Today i’m sharing the decorations on the tree’s.  Next year I am hoping to do blue’s, navy’s and whites.  It’s getting harder and harder to find nice decorations that aren’t cheap and nasty or extremely expensive per bauble. Have run out of time to add the finishing touches to the tree that I wanted but it’s ok, i’d rather spend the time enjoying the kids :)
Christmas, it’s in the little details….
You know I don’t do photos of the kids on here but I couldn’t resist this one.
 It’s blurry so it’s doesn’t count right? And it’s one of the only pic’s that shows the top of the tree. This is Bella’s most favourite place to sit at night and just stare at everything.
The kids have very special ornaments they’ve made or been given/collected and I find they get lost (and yes some don’t match don’t shoot me I am a decorator with an incurable case of matchy matchy disease) on the tree.  Instead the kids do up a special area where they get to cut loose and show anyone who comes by. Here we put out Christmas photos and cards we’ve made in previous years and look back at how much has changed and how much the kids have grown.
How did you decorate your tree this year?
Lisa xox
4 comments on “Decking the Halls – part 4
  1. Your tree looks gorgeous such pretty ornaments. I know what you mean about cheap and nasty or way over the top expensive. I waited until Myer had 30% off and grabbed a few new ones from there. The Reject Shop was not too bad either.
    My tree is blue silver with pops of purple this year :)
    I hope you enjoy the holidays at least summer has finally arrived !

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for dropping by today..I love that your kids have their own special tree/shelf for those kindy decorations or specials. I went to the Christmas Presence shop in Myaree the other day. McCoy Street/North lake road )i brought some decorations. prices range $5-$25 for different things…such a beautiful shop…Merry Christmas..

  3. Your Christmas decorations have been one of my favourites of the season. Just beautiful, restrained and elegant. Love all your pretty colours, your cute kid’s tree and all the lovely trimmings. Very pretty Lisa. Have a lovely Christmas.

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