Decking the Halls – Part 2

Here are a couple of pic’s of the front door and the window above in festive spirit. 
Chalk pen’s and a wreath, a very quick simple idea.
From inside looking out.

Melinda from Georgica Pond, this is the window I am thinking of using the Frost & Co film on (the one you recommend) for more privacy however it will then block the view of the chandelier. Decisions! (Excuse the reflection of across the road)
If you are after more Christmas ideas head on over to Melinda’s blog as it has some amazing Christmas inspirations.
Lisa xox
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2 comments on “Decking the Halls – Part 2
  1. Love love love this idea. I’m going to find a chalk pen today and do something like this on our front door sidelights. Looks so pretty. I love the glass, but why do you need privacy? Doesn’t it only show the ceiling and the chandelier? I think that unless you can see people and into an actual room, it would be a shame to cover up the chandelier. If you really want the film, the perhaps choose one that has a more open pattern and lets in light, so it obscures the view but doesn’t block out the chandelier.

    • I found the chalk pens at Officeworks but they are probably in other places now too. The people across the road are higher up and we think may be able to see in through the window down into the house so it feels a little like we are being looked at even though we probably aren’t. It feels a lot better with just the crazy snowflakes on there so a bigger pattern like you say might even do the trick.

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