Adoring Adore

The December issue of Adore magazine has gone live
and it is, as always, an amazing issue Loni!
My favourite article is Maria Barros’s office. She is really inspiring me at the moment with her bright, uplifting, fresh and fabulous interiors.
She is not afraid of colour and I love it!
(You might remember she featured in last issue too with this pic.)
Maria Barros photos by Teresa Aires from Adore Mag
They also visit the gorgeous Anna Spiro’s shop Black & Spiro in Brisbane.
Anna Spiro’s shop photos by Life in Bloom Photography
How much is that doggy in the window? I just love how you have dressed your dogs Anna with gorgeous bows in your stunning window display. My dogs feel underdressed now so must rustle them up some cuteness. ;)
I love on-line mags as I get to read them when everyone else does, not having to wait for them to get to Perth days later.  And thanks to Instagram, I even get reminded by like minded Adore loving lovely ladies.
This was just a tiny sample of greatness from the new issue of Adore Magazine.
Go and check it out for yourself then let me know what your favourite part was.

Lisa xox
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