Lona de Anna prints

 Lona de Anna’s prints arrived last Friday and how gorgeous do they look! 
I haven’t decided exactly where they are going to go yet but here’s a quick look of how they’ve turned out. Our curtains are being installed tomorrow so will see after that.
The frames are from Ikea.
Thanks again Anna, i’m a huge fan of your work.
I’m looking forward to hanging them.
This little bowl above I made last weekend. It’s been a long time since I last used paper mache but it was a lot of fun. Now to decide on a colour for the inside.
What colour do you think?
Gold or hot pink were some of my thoughts.
Lisa xox
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3 comments on “Lona de Anna prints
  1. Love it so much Lisa..both your little vignettes truly does look amazing. Im quite liking the demin ikat with your horse lamp…the blue is a gorgeous contact. As for the bowl..what a gorgeous little DIY..turned out great…and as for the colour on the inside…MOST DEFINITELY GOLD!! Thanks so much for sharing some pics..Im so glad you like them x

    • You are too sweet Anna xox. I think it’s your artwork that make them look nice.
      Just playing with ideas today to see which might look the best. Tomorrow the curtains go up so the blue Ikat will probably go up on the wall with them. Stella (the horse) loves both equally and didn’t give me any help on deciding which she’d like to hang with, although she did get her nose in the way a bit for the second shot, maybe that’s a sign.
      And that makes 3 for “gold” for the bowl. Gold it is then. xox

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