A change is as good as a holiday

I moved those french chairs out of the hallway and what a difference!
It’s amazing the effect two little chairs had and how much better I feel just walking through the space already. I can now focus on a plan.After taking them out I played around a bit… tried some ghost chairs, a desk to get an idea of what size ill need for a console, what type of art or mirrors will work, lighting etc. Took lots of measurements, tried lots of wallpaper samples and colours from fan decks. These pics are just me playing around to start the ideas flowing.

It’s not always possible but if you can it’s helpful to physically get an idea of what will or won’t work with pieces you have around your house already, or even tape on the floor for furniture layouts, and live with it for a little while.

The little chairs made the space feel bitsy but the bigger chairs make it stronger.
But don’t worry about the chair, it has found an even better place….

….Don’t you think?
This little nook is just made for it.
Can go all out behind it, wallpaper or gorgeous art.
It will make the chair look bigger, more important and a real feature.


I just had to face it, the chairs had to move.
I should have done it earlier!What are your thoughts?

Lisa xox
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    • You might be onto something there. Make something together for the space anyway would be lovely and get Bella involved too now she’s old enough.

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