Hallway Inspirations

Doing a round-up of Entry’s and Foyers, unless otherwise stated,
found on decorpad.com
In search of some inspiration for our entry.
I have many different ideas : to paint, to wallpaper, to hang lots of art….
Go classic or let loose….
Maybe we could go with lighter creamy walls…
 (like in this Windsor Smith Design above)
but would it be too plain without this lovely moulding?
Marks & Frantz
Or moody and dark.
Quiz question, who’s entry is this?
Suzanne Dimma
Incorporating that blue and white I love
Sandra Morgan
This is the combo I was originally thinking,
white background wallpaper with some sort of pattern and gold accents,
just for the indent bit but i’d need a bit more…
David Jimenez
But I think I would need even more colour like…
 (pic courtesy of Annie Schlecter photography on decorpad)
… this bright fun artwork

But then there are those french chairs to consider

so maybe along the lines of Kelly Wearstler
 by repeating a touch of the chair colour somewhere
another touch of chair colour in the wallpaper
with Martyn Lawrence-Bullard
 Or go all out like Benjamin Dhong and have the wallpaper the same colour.
 (pic by Lisa Romerein
and you can read more about him on luxe addition here and here)
Or this dreamy Benjamin Dhong  pic by Lisa Romerein
But then this pic (from Lonny mag by Eileen Kathryn Boyd also via decorpad)
 has the feeling of what I love – crisp and clean and soft.
Whites and greens a dash of pink and
add some navy blue in with this too.
Like I said, so many different ideas!
What are your thoughts? Time to say goodbye to the french chairs?
Lisa xox
Oh before I forget, the answer to the quiz question….
Well for all you SATC fans it was Carrie’s foyer in the Sex and The City 2 movie.
image via Elle Decor. Love that wallpaper!
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  1. Fixing my hallway is one of my main priorities at the moment, and that Suzanne Dimma image is one of my inspirations. Love it.

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