Entry Dilemma

Nate Berkus says “a home should rise up to meet you and reflect the people that live there”. And this should happen as soon as you enter the front door. I suppose this is the reason for my decorating stall mate of late, I just cannot resolve the hallway design. As it is the first and last thing I see everyday, it has become something of a downer. Also, while still waiting on the curtains for the family/dining/kitchen (who picked that fabric that had to be special ordered in from America? hehe), I feel I am seeing the vision for that space come together. Both spaces should really tie in but they seem worlds apart. 
So it started with this luxe light fitting, 
gorgeous and glam was the vision.
and then these two french chairs came home with me… here in lies the major problem. 
I love them but they are altering the vision for the space. 
Should I work with them or try to find them a different resting spot?
It’s quite a big space.
A couple of ghost chairs instead perhaps?

It needs: lots of art and photos, a mirror, a console table,
cushion top for the gold bench, lamps,
paint or wallpaper or both, colour and interest. 
Personality and some major UMPH!!
Next time i’ll post some Hallway Inspirations 
to hopefully help me on the journey to a resolution!
I see some Mood Boards in my future.
Any suggestions please feel free to leave them below.
Lisa xox