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Hello blog, so sorry I have neglected you of late. I have been a little busy. Here’s a quick round-up of what’s been happening in Luxe Addition land.

Bought these two lovelies from Lona de Anna yesterday. The blue one will go lovely with the new curtains when they go up. The other one, will find somewhere special i’m sure.
Last week Rue Magazine put out the question 
” Where are you enjoying the new issue of Rue?” 
I was very excited when they included my pic in there pics from the day! 
(Luxe Addition’s top right.)  Thanks Rue.
Also on Instagram I now have 100 followers! Yay! Thanks to everyone following along. Are you on Instagram? Follow along too, user @luxeaddition.

Bella and I went for a trip to Masters for some hot pink paint. Hopefully this will be the extra colour my painting needs. Not happy with my current paints thickness or brightness so maybe house paint will be the solution. Sheer coincidence her outfit matched the swatch we picked up, had to share.
My brother picked up a chair from a roadside collection for me. Maybe a coat of white, maybe hot pink. :) 
Didn’t make it to Bistro Guillaume, fully booked unfortunately, but did have a lovely date night with hubby all the same. pic via crown
 And I did find that wallpaper on-line. Osborne & Little
Another great issue of Belle Magazine has arrived, finally. Why does it take so long for it to arrive via Australia Post?  Especially when I had this vibe Thursday it was on its way, then saw others on Instagram enjoying there copies and mine arrived Tuesday. Please Belle Magazine, send WA’s copies out first. 
This is a great issue with this front image being Jonathan Adlers beach house as I blogged about here a little while back.  I’m also loving Romaine Orthwein and David Gutterman’s summer home, with inspiration for wallpaper for our hallway, which is what i’m working on at present, but that’s another post.
What’s been happening in your world?
Lisa xox
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4 comments on “Hello Blog
  1. You bought 2 of Lona de Anna prints? Im so jealous! I trawled her etsy shop for ages yesterday and couldn’t make a decision! They will look so gorgeous framed :)
    As for the stool – I’d definately go with hot pink! Its only paint afterall, you can give it a safe white coat down the track x

  2. Michelle, your comments always make me smile! Thank you!! The prints are still on sale today if there are any left. Such a bargain price! As for the chair, i’m thinking it might go outside next to the front door so kelly green or yellow and you are right, it’s only paint and it was free after all.

  3. Oh you are too lovely, have you order packed and ready to go, cant wait for you to receive them. I truly hope you love them lisa and that they look fab in your home. Thanks so much for the mention. Anna x

    • You are most welcome Anna, I couldn’t help sharing your gorgeous art. I’ve just shown my son who thinks the USA Ikat is “awesome” and I think he may be stealing it for his room. I might just have to order another. I’ll post a pic for you when I have them up. Lis xox

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