Anyone for Anzac Biscuits?

Through Instagram I have met some lovely people, some of which are fellow bloggers. One such lovely person is Fiona from Lilyfield Life. Today, when I should have been writing a post or two, I was busy making a batch of Anzac biscuits. This was because my tastebuds had been tempted by her pics of some yummy tasties and Bella had eaten the last one! 
These are the ones I made today.
I love Anzac biscuits. They are a favourite in our house. The recipe I use, that was given to me by my gorgeous sister-in-law, is very similar to Fiona’s recipe. I slightly under cook mine cause I love them softer and chewier. 

Check out her blog for more on Anzac biscuits : her recipe and a wonderful back story. While you are there be sure to check out her talents in making over furniture. She does such an amazing job and she sells them through her blog too. 
How do you like your Anzac biscuits? Or do you have another biscuit you prefer?
Lisa xox
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