Cupcake Anyone?

How was your weekend? Ours involved a spot of spring cleaning including the windows being washed. So of course it’s a rainy day in Perth today because of it. Thankfully the rain came straight down and didn’t effect the windows too much, thank goodness. But i’ll remember this when we are on water restrictions in the height of summer – go and wash the windows and bring on some rain.
This week is going to be a bit busy. With my son turning 6 (can’t believe it!) it’s time for writing lots of lists and doing lots of preparations. Since it’s such a gloomy uninspiring day today, I started on the cupcakes for him to take to school next week. I have found it easier to ice them when they are frozen, and taste just as good if not better. Making a big batch of cakes and freezing them (even with the icing on) free’s up time around any party day. I try to have a spare cake ready to go already in the freezer in case of any unexpected occasion arrises. 
Do you have any party tips?
Lisa xox
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