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Hello Tuesday. Back to school today for my son, so the three weeks has come to an end and I am going to miss having him around. He passed his doctor’s check-up with flying colours (from his adenoid and tonsils operation) so there is no stopping him now. He has so much more energy, has a huge appetite and can now use his nose for what it was intended – breathing and smelling. So back into blogging now the routine is back on track.
After re-covering lampshades last week I thought about a few other areas and lampshades that needed a bit of a zhushing. And how easy it is to do, I wish I had done it before.

This is a spot that was really annoying me above our dining table. These energy efficient bulbs depress me but when we built it was when all the new technology was about to start coming out, so we put these in to change over in the future. You can see the other ugly bulb still in place in the background. 
I bought a DIY ceiling suspension kit from Beacon lighting and strung it up. Very easy! Brought this shade in from Belle’s room which I had attached brown ribbon to a while back. It’s stuck on via sticky tape at present but you can see it in this room so will have to fix, but I’m thinking of taking the ribbon off here. Although it looks lovely it doesn’t really match this room. When the curtains go up I think I may go with some navy trim or keep it plain, but I have left it on in the pic to show you the effect for your own shade project. 

This hangs above our dining table so by making this small change
 it has made a huge difference.

This is what I would love to install here from Sokol. 
Because it’s pretty big, this DIY fix project has allowed us to see whether it is going to be to big or not for the space before we order it. I can wait a while longer for it now there has been a resolution to the ugly ceiling bulbs. I just need another shade for the other bulb in the sitting area. From memory it was from Freedom.
These photos show the before and after of the lampshade in the powder area. Because this is also not going to be a permanent arrangement with the lamp hanging down (it’s a bit low and we will get an electrician to install something really pretty here one day) but again I hated the daggy bulb coming out of the ceiling, I used another suspension DIY kit and within minutes(well it would have been had I not broken the bulb) I had a totally new look.
Then I added some shiny silver tear ribbon, the kind you use to wrap presents and florists use. Not sure how this would look if the area wasn’t so dark, it may look a little flashy/tacky, but for here/now it looks good. And I just secured it with some sticky tape at the back onto the ribbon itself as no-one will see the back and no sticky marks on the shade. Double-sided tape would work too. 
Here’s another pic for lamp inspiration. Add a trim of ribbon to your lamps to make them pop. Just as this room by Maria Barros featured in the October issue of Adore Home Magazine shows. See my Interview with Lonni Parker and the original photo here.
More ideas for you….
Simple ribbon tied around the lamp or stuck on
Glue some bobbly ribbon trim on for a kid’s room.
Paint also works, even try masking off an area for chevron stripes or other patterns. 
I find bigger is always best with lamps, make a statement and have them all throughout your home.
Keep safety in mind though with all you projects, you don’t want anything near the bulb that could catch on fire and keep to the right wattage bulb.
Ribbon is such a quick easy fix to tie your lamp to the rest of your room and zhushing up an old lampshade. What projects have you been up too?
Lisa xox

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