Interview with Loni Parker as Adore Turns 2

To help celebrate the 2nd year birthday of her magazine, today we have an interview with the gorgeous Loni Parker of Adore Home Magazine. The fabulous new issue of Adore has gone live so go check it out!
Where are you based/living? 
What is your work background? 
I have worked as a graphic designer for the past 8 years working at a small 
publishing company, designing trade magazines. I just recently quit about 
3 months ago and am now working on Adore Home full time.
How did Adore Home Magazine come about? 
I started Adore Home as there were no other Australian online home magazines at the time. Also I wanted to fuse my passion for interiors with my other passion of graphic design.
You feature so many homes, what’s your own home like? 
I live in a rental home so unfortunately I can’t be too creative – I’d love to put wallpaper up, take down the ugly vertical blinds and replace with curtains etc. I have quite a monochramatic palette of black and white and grey with touches of bright yellow and turquoise blue. I’m hoping to inject some colour into my bedroom with a colourful upholstered bed. 
I’ve heard a rumor you do most of the work yourself. Is that true? 
Yes that’s true, apart from the writers and photographers who contribute to the magazine, I put the rest of it together myself.
Do you have any staff? 
No. It’s just me but I do hire freelance photographers, writers to help out with 
the magazine.
You have an on-line storeWhat can people buy here? 
Beautiful cushions, colourful jewellery, home accessories and also back issues 
of Adore Home magazine (in PDF format).
Tell us about your newest venture,“Lovely Wedding Magazine” and why you started it. All your endeavors must keep you incredibly busy? 
I have had quite a fascination with beautifully styled weddings for some time – it started when a friend of mine introduced me to the Green Wedding Shoes blog. 
I’m not engaged, nor am I married but yet I still find inspiration in the beautiful 
imagery and think that some of the styling ideas at weddings can be applied to 
other things like parties, entertaining ideas etc. I’ve always wanted to expand and grow my business and create 2 online magazines on different topics to 
continually inspire me. It definitely keeps me busy – I thought that when I quit my full time job that I’d have so much free time, but it’s quite the opposite! 
I’m more busy than ever before.
Do you ever get a chance for a break? 
Hahaha – yes sometimes! Just recently I was in Sydney for 3 days so I didn’t do 
any work during that period which is a nice change. I really try to have a break 
from it every week to feel revitalised and look at everything with fresh eyes. 
I pretty much work on it all day and into the night – but it’s become more than just work, it’s something I love and it’s hard to pull yourself away from the computer 
screen when you’re on a roll…
Three words to describe yourself? 
Passionate, hard-working, creative.
Who inspires you? 
Entrepreneurial women who are also very driven and creative. I admire 
Kellie Collis from Ada and Darcy – did you know she runs her online store and the wholesale side of her business Mrs Darcy whilst working a full time job? 
Also Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict – her blog Interiors Addict is only done in her spare time and she also works a full time job. They’re both inspirational to me – although I could probably list many more names as I come into contact 
all the time with women like this. Armchair Collective
Any upcoming projects/features you are looking forward to? 
I’m excited to reveal our Sydney Northern Beaches shopping trail feature next
issue. It was compiled by Peep My Style blogger Claudia Stephenson and 
photographer Hannah Blackmore. The photos are gorgeous and so are the 
stores they visited. It’s probably my favourite feature in this issue.
Later on down the track I’d love to release an Adore Home book filled with 
gorgeous, colourful homes.
How did you celebrate Adore turning 2? 
I celebrated Adore’s 2nd birthday with a big party in Sydney where I celebrated with Sydney based interior designers and bloggers.

Thanks so much Loni. You are definitely one of my inspirations to work hard and 
follow your dreams. Happy Anniversary and Biggest Congratulations to you! 
Your new wedding magazine makes me want to get married all over again. 
And we can’t wait for you to bring out an Adore Book. With so many stunning pics over the past two years, I think you’ll need a few volumes! It would be divine.
Here are some images from the October issue of Adore Home Magazine.

Lisbon apartment by Maria Barros
Kristy Lee Interiors
Armchair Collective
 The Darling


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