In Fabric Heaven

Last post I was narrowing down ideas for curtains
for our large family/dining area.
A few gorgeous fabrics I was choosing between from Kravet.

After a couple of meetings/idea sessions with the curtain lady and a trip to Warwick (ah my idea of heaven, I love fabric shops), I have found a solution and they have been ordered. Yay!

I really wanted to incorporate Windsor Smith’s Riad fabric from Kravet in indigo (above) some how in the curtains without going over budget as it’s a little on the pricey side. Doing the curtains fully in this would have been too much. I don’t know why but I just love it. Maybe because it will go with everything, satisfies my love of geometric repeating patterns and, at it’s core, is incredibly simple.
 Side note : I caught my little intern talking to herself “I like this green one, see it matches my ball purrfectly!” Sorry Belle, we are going with the indigo although I too love the green one, as it is my favourite shade of green. Lucky I haven’t done her big girl room yet as apparently green is now her favourite colour. Back to the drawing board for that one.
Warwick’s Akira in Cobalt was the closest I could find. 
Plain curtain samples to the left.
Anyway, no alternative was found at Warwick that I loved (of course there wasn’t, when your heart is set on something, nothing is going to compare to it is it.) I did manage to find there an off-white fabric for the curtains that matches pretty well the off-white of the Riad. So the Riad will be used as a side panel to the curtains. There is also a roller bind going into the kitchen and that will be made in Riad to add a touch of oomph the area needs. All in all, budget met and solution found!
Caitlin Wilson via                       My quick mock-up over Caitlin’s work
I haven’t seen any pics while trawling sites for inspiration to show you what I mean but this above left is a Caitlin Wilson designed room via using what i believe is Riad (or something similar) for curtains/cushions but in black. And the pic to the right is my very quick mock up using her pic I threw together to show the curtain lady my curtain idea. I have added the white curtains to the riad at the back (and some bright kind-of cushions to the couch, please excuse was in a rush) as well as a feature light i’m hoping to add one day just to see that anything you put with it would still work. There will be white sheers too. Our wall colour is pretty much the same as this. All white curtains I think would have been blah considering the patio will also be all white. It needed just a touch of something. Hopefully I am starting a new trend since I can’t find anything similar. It’s worth a crack anyway.So everything has been ordered and I will show you the end result when, in a few months i’d say, they are up. Very exciting!

What have you fallen in love with and either gone for it or let it go and sort an alternative.
What was the outcome and your feeling about it now?
Lisa xox
Apologies for the lack of posting this week. My son had his adenoids and tonsils removed so have been spending most of my time with him. He’s doing really well and he will back to his old self in no time at all I am sure. Add school holidays from next week, so my posts may be a little erratic. xox
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2 comments on “In Fabric Heaven
  1. Curtains are such a huge decision arent they, especially getting them in a custom fabric. I learnt all about window treatments in my last interior design class I must do a post about it soon. There is so much to think about, what a relief that you have yours ordered, cant wait to see them up!
    Little intern may be onto something there the green is quite striking :)

  2. That sounds exciting Michelle. How is it going? You still loving it? Yes huge decision curtains. That’s why it’s taken so long to get them done. The green is stunning, but they didn’t have it in the Riad design. I figured the indigo colour was a lot more neutral and would go with more things, yet still be stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing through boring. In the end it’s only fabric and I could take the side panels of the riad down and change them for the white and use the riad fabric for something else.

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