Curtain Ideas

We’re in the market for some curtains. Have brainstormed some ideas (above) for our main family living and dining space which has two sets of bi-fold doors plus another set of windows and a door at the end. A lot to cover! I’m thinking white sheers to add to the feeling of breeziness, and to not block the view but reduce the glare, along with side curtains.  My favourite inspiration is the pic top right for the curtains but I think the fabric is going to be out of budget for this big job.  The space is very plain at the moment and with high ceilings it needs a bit of a feature without being over the top.
I want it to be : Classic but not boring, be able to go with anything so neutral but with flair, sophisticated but not stuffy, elegant, surprising and fun.
Casual Luxe!
Not asking much am I.
Do you have curtains you love? What are your thoughts on patterned curtains?

Lisa xox
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