This is my 100th post. Can’t believe I have written so many. We’ve had a big weekend with birthday celebrations for my gorgeous Bella who turned two on Monday. My big girl! The above pic is of one set of pom-poms I made for her birthday last year that hang from the bulkhead above our kitchen. They are still up now cause I love how much fun and festive they are. And i’m hoping they distract people from the daggy lights on the ceiling till I get to change them over. 
She was totally spoilt and it was wonderful watching her getting into everything. Christmas will be so amazing this year, seeing everything through her eyes. 

But a bit upset that the trees and Christmas departments are already up in most stores. Not a hit with me! Try explaining to a young child who has no idea of time, that “No Santa won’t be visiting for another 100ish sleeps darling”. This department in Myer was being set up at the beginning of September. OMG! Avoiding at all costs at least until December. One would think this would see a reduction in sales on this level, especially as I now refuse to go there for awhile.
All photos taken on Instagram. Follow along if you are on it too @luxeaddition.
Lisa xox