Boys Bedroom Make-over

Sharing a few quick photos I’ve taken using Instagram of Luca’s new bed today. We went for a queen sized bed as Luca will probably be my height by the time he’s eight. He takes after his father in the height department. It seems to fit the space really well without overpowering it. 
His bedside table was a fun project we worked on together a while back. I couldn’t find anything ready made with personality I liked ( and that wasn’t a squillion bucks) so this was found at a swap meet one Sunday morning. Luca picked the colour and I gave it a few coats of paint. Under the glass we added star fabric then it’s a place for him to put special photos of his friends and tickets of shows and memento’s. 
So you want to know where the chevron quilt cover came from? It was from Target (in Australia) a couple of month’s back. Their own brand “reflections” and i think it’s called ryder. And the reverse side is pale grey and white chevron so it’s very hard to choose between them but gives a few options.
I LOVE this batman painting he created. We were thinking of what to put on the wall and I found him out a canvas and some paint and let him loose and walla!! The blue/grey walls we picked together to bring out his wonderful art. The wall behind his bed still needs something though. Maybe extra wide horizontal white stripes. Some big statement anyway. And I have to make a nice cushion for on his bed from some fabric he’s picked out.
His room is coming together and Luca loves it. The main thing is he really appreciates it.
I’ll share some better photos when some more work is done in there.
What do you think so far?

Lisa xox
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5 comments on “Boys Bedroom Make-over
  1. Looks fantastic Lisa! What a great idea with the momento bedside table. Luca is very talented too…like his mummy. I think alex would like that painting hehe.

  2. Your son amazes me everyday with his talent and his imagination! Definately takes after his mother there (sorry Peter!) A perfect big boys room that can very easily grow with him!

  3. Thanks girls, that’s very sweet of you! He is very very creative. I can get him to paint one for Benjamin (and Alex too) if you like ;) It is possibly a little grown up for a five year old but he’s had input every step of the way so it’s definitely “Luca”. I think doing something to the wall behind his bed will finish it off and bring it all together.

  4. I picked up this quilt cover for my alomst 6 year old today….decided to do a search and found you. Love your ideas. I havent opened the quilt up yet, it was the last one in all sizes. SB for him, perfect.

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