New Beds

Yes I have been MIA of late. MISCA I will say – Missing In Spring Cleaning Action. Everything is getting cleaned and re-arranged and organized!!
 With the kids birthday’s looming and Bella too big for her cot, we bought Luca a new bed (spent a lot of time trying to find him one to do up but just didn’t find anything in time) and Belle has his old one for now till I do up her new room. This was a quick pic from last night after we put it all together, so it is in no way styled and needs some work but it’s a start.  Her re-action was priceless last night when we surprised her.  ”It’s a princess bed for me. Wow look at the pretty colours and all the butterflies. Goodness me.”  Warms my heart!! 
 *Sniff Sniff* though. My kids are no longer little and into big people beds. How time flies. Next week Belle turns two, I can hardly believe it. Where has that time gone? She is a real little person now.
Racing around getting things all organized for that too makes it non-stop around here. 
What projects do you have on the go? 
Lisa xox