Octagonal Table Make-overs

Do you remember me showing you a glimpse of these below a while back? 
Bought from Gumtree for a bargain price but in need of a lot of work!!
Well after a lot of sanding,  and a few hiccups and many coats of spray-paint, 
one at least is done. See how the table on the right turned out here.

All of this flaky lacquer needed to come off.
 Hence why I am still sanding the other one.
Around four coats of white spray-paint from memory. 
This is after coat two.
Because the cane is very fragile, I haven’t been able to get the old glass out without i’d say it all falling apart and I wouldn’t be able to put it all back together. So instead I used some oilcloth (like that heavy-duty vinyl tablecloth material) I ordered from Fabric Traders and cut it to size after making a template from card. You can also get some lovely ones from Ikea see my post on ikea fabrics here. I can one day either have a piece of glass cut to size to put on top with some nice fabric or paper underneath, or swap it out for some other oilcloth, or leave as is. When the rest of the room comes together we will see how they look and what they need.
I think they would look lovely with oilcloth that has a bit more colour and nice big lamps on top either side of a couch for balance. What do you think? What project are you working on?
Lisa xox
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3 comments on “Octagonal Table Make-overs
  1. No way they dont look like the same piece of furniture! Great redo, I like the soft prettiness of the top as it is but as you say once you have them in the room you’ll see if more colour is needed. Great job :) Im framing some pretty papers to hang in our living room, just need to respray the frames and hang them up!

  2. Thanks Michelle;) The oilcloth is very pretty and i do like it. It’s next to a black couch so I think that’s what is putting me off at the moment. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your frames and paper! I’ve got some small wallpaper and fabric samples i’m going to frame. They are too lovely not to use.

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