Benjamin Dhong – Interview

Following on from last weeks post on the delightful Benjamin Dhong (see here), today we have a One on One with the fabulous man himself. In addition here’s some pictures he has sent through from an article in the newest American House Beautiful Magazine. Photos by Lisa Romerein
First question, where did you grow up?
I grew up in the beautiful San Francisco bay area which I understand is not unlike Sydney Harbour. When you grow up in a place like that it’s hard to move elsewhere!
Have you always wanted to be an Interior Designer? 
Not at all. I completely fell into interior design quite by accident. After 25 years of working in finance I met an Interior Designer on a serendipitous trip to Italy and she invited me to intern in her office one day a week. I had so much fun the first day that I just started showing up. Within 3 months it was clear that this was meant to be.
Who is your biggest influence in design and in life?
I would have to say my Mother. Growing up she immersed me in all things… art, music, history, nothing was out of bounds. It formed my appreciation for blending so many disparate elements into our projects.
What is your favourite thing about Interior Design?
I love the artistic passion that you can bring to force when creating a piece of work.
How would you describe your style? 
Not sure if I am a traditionalist who likes modern things or a modernest who likes old things. However I will say I always strive for beautiful interiors that are calm and serene – but never boring.
Three words to describe yourself? 
Balanced, empathetic and wickedly funny!
Do you prefer to have a client who gives you free reign or has an idea of what they want? 
I do love collaborating with a client that either has good taste or is at least open to new things. I don’t have much of an ego. I just want the best for a project….whether they come from me, the client or the contractor!
Where was your most recent trip too?
I went to Morocco and spent a magical time in Marrakech and the ancient city of Fez. Anyone interested in design needs to hop on a plane and go. It’s a delight to all the senses!
And where would you love to spend your next holiday?
I’ve never been to Rome but would love to spend a few weeks just crawling all over those ruins!
You can see his travels (past and future) certainly influence his designs.
I love the touches of gold/silver, shine and shimmer in these rooms. They add that final touch sparkling and catching the light.
These designs definitely make me want to be a bit more adventurous and mix things up and have fun with my own home!
Check out more of his work here
Thank you Ben for being so generous with your time and photos.
We can’t get enough of your work and look forward to seeing more soon. And with your “wicked sense of humour” you would definitely love it here in Australia and fit right in!
Lisa xox
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