Mood board – Luca’s project.

What do you do when your son is home sick again but you want to get a post done? Declare a “taking Luca to work with me day” combining the two and give him a project of his own. So armed with the new ikea catalogue and on-line site he picked furniture for an apartment for himself when he grows up. 
  1. PS collection tv bench $299
  2. PS collection pendant $149
  3. VANNERNA curtain pair $49
  4. PS collection picture $199
  5. EIVOR throw $29
  6. FILLSTA table lamp $14.95
  7. PS collection coffee table $69
  8. LAPPLJUNG RUTTA rug $99
  9. KLIPPAN two seater sofa $249
  10. STORSELE chair $129
  11. PS collection Spotty cushion $14.95, Lappljung Ruta cushion cover $12.95 .
I’m very proud of his effort and how it turned out and was a lot of fun (between the coughs and spluttering.) Not bad for a five year old huh. 
Lisa xox
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