It’s no secret. I LOVE cushions! I have a cushion shelf in a decorating cupboard but they are mostly around the house. But i’m finding it increasingly difficult to find nice cushions in the shops. And if I do they are over the $150 each mark. I have found some fabric I like so thought since I can’t find what i’m looking for i’d try it myself. And guaranteed if i’m looking for it other people are too. Maybe i’m onto a new business venture.
Armed with knowledge gained from Youtube video’s, (You tube knows all) Friday I attempted to make my own with some fabric I had in the cupboard.  I don’t think I did too bad for my first go. 
Here are some fabric’s I have my eye on.
Would love to know what you think? Anything interest you? What colour’s do you like and patterns that you don’t see in the shops that I could look out for?

Lisa xox
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