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Have you ever had your colours done? I did a few years ago through Your Image with Sandra Barnsley and find it was definitely worth it. It cuts down time when shopping as you can scan each store and see if any of “your colours” are there, and hone in on them. It makes you shop more like you are adding to a collection, and things in your wardrobe then match and go together.  
An added bonus of having your colours done I found was when I got home I had in fact painted and accessorized my home at the time in similar colours (the exact lilac purple was on my lounge room walls). And that’s why a few items didn’t feel quite right or match in the home was because they didn’t go with my personal colours. Like black, well it was too late cause we already had a black couch. That adds to my finding the right couch now dilema. Cushions I like in these sorts of tones don’t go with black. A white couch would look amazing so still thinking of the one in Ikea I posted about here would be perfect. Or a couch in any colour above but that’s a big commitment and a little hard to find. Pink couch anyone? Navy if I could find it in the right shape. Possibly brown. I’ll try to find couches in my “neutral colours” and use the bolder colours in accents or on occasional chairs.
When i’m meeting with clients to find colours for their home, I tend to ask to see in their wardrobe as well cause you might find you already have your perfect colour scheme hanging up!

 There are four people who live in our house now though and I am the only one who has had their colours done, but my kids mostly suit the same sort of colours in my swatch so I tend to re-vert to that when I am stuck with home decorating decisions sometimes. And my sweet husband tends to go along with whatever thankfully. I go for items with a cool base rather than a warm base. I found I was drawn already to these colours and when I surround myself with them or wear them I feel more happy.

Colour really affects your mood. There is a lot of colour in my wardrobe but when you don’t see others wearing much colour I tend most of the time to tone it down a bit so I don’t stand out. (Like on the school run) Unless i’m with friends/family then I dress like me. Is that just the weirdest thing to say, I should dress colourfully everyday cause that’s who I am. I didn’t realize that so from now on I will!

This brings me to this season’s colours, have you seen them. It’s like my wardrobes season to shine. I will be stocking up on items in my colour palette if I can find them to fit. For now I have settled for a pair of lilac trousers for Belle cause if you can’t join them, put it on your daughter!

Have you ever had your personal colours done? Are you embracing this seasons colour explosion? Have you checked out your own closet to see if you have some colours that would be perfect for your home?

Leave your comments below, would love to hear all about it!

Lisa xox
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2 comments on “Your Colours
  1. I was just thinking about colours this week and suggested to a fellow blogger to get her colours done as a way to solve the ‘Ive got nothing to wear’ problem! I have also just got my hands on a colour wheel this week so will be figuring out contrasts and complimentary and tones etc its such an important thing to know I wish I had it years ago! I love the bright fashion that is out at the moment its such a welcome change to the browns and beiges!

  2. Have you had your colours done Michelle? It helps you focus your eye on colour and you always carry a colour chart with you that’s personalized. Sounds like you are enjoying your course. Your house is looking amazing by the way! Can’t wait to see it with the roof done. xx

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