New Samples!

Happy day! My samples have arrived. Now I can get down to making some final decisions for Bella’s room! 
Paradiso, Paradiso, Farfalla
I took this pic last night in Bella’s future room. The two on the left was what I was thinking of but after seeing the butterfly one on the right in real life, i’m steering towards it. It has a lovely sheen to it and is a little more “little girly” as well as still suiting me. (I could put any leftover in my closet) It’s also more restful than the Paradiso on the far left yet still has lots of colour in it. Plus it matches the wall colour already in the room so I will hopefully get away with not painting. I think this was the one I originally liked but had seen it done by a few other people, (you know me I like to be a bit different) but I think it could be the best choice and more versatile.
 I could see the middle Paradiso one in the front hallway.

These above are Florence Broadhurst. I can see why they are more expensive than other papers and fabrics. They are really stunning!

Which is your favourite for Bella’s room? Maybe I should ask her? As long as it has some pink in it I think she will be happy.

Lisa xox
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