Over the weekend

How were your weekends? Mine was nice. Didn’t do any antiquing (better finish off projects around here before I bring anything else into the house) Got a heap of tidying/cleaning done and worked on a few projects.  Popped into the delightful Corner Store in Fremantle. Check out this window display. Isn’t it just charming!
They sell all sorts of wonderful unique homewares. A store full of whimsy and charm. And they are open every day when you need that special gift.
When I ducked into Bunnings yesterday I noticed they also have some wallpaper. Maybe they thought they needed to get in on the act like Masters. Or maybe I just haven’t noticed it there before. They should have tried a bit harder in their display though. (I have high standards don’t I)  It was small and squashed in. I was so surprised to see a few of  Kelly Hoppen’s designs in the range.  Kelly Hoppen is a fantastic english interior designer so stopped when I saw her name but most people would probably walk on past. I think she would be in shock if she saw her designs being displayed like this. Not a huge range and no free samples but maybe they are working on it. $59.95 is a great price for her wallpaper though if you are a fan. They haven’t got her whole range, just a few.

Changing the subject, have just heard the funniest thing from Bella who i’ve set-up the wig-wam for today…”Need more cushions!!” Not even two yet, I think she’s taking after me! Is that a good thing or a bad thing I wonder? She is also re-arranging the postition of the wig-wam and invited all her toys over, the party girl that she is. There goes two more cushions into the wig-wam..”All better!” It now resembles an arabian tent.
Just received word that some of my wallpaper samples have been shipped. 
Lots of projects are on hold until they come, so hope they hurry. 
What did you get up to on the weekend? 
Lisa xox
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    • You are most welcome Corner Store and thanks for your kind words too! We must set up a proper photo op/interview for a post to show off more of your fabulous store! Lisa xox

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