Wallpaper at the Masters store.

After school drop-off today I took a trip to my local Masters store.  I love stores that you can walk out of with free samples! Went for paint, came back with more wallpaper samples, paint chips and great advice from the guys at the paint counter. (so a re-think and another trip for paint is in store)
 And no I didn’t get all these samples above today, has been over a few trips. Have you seen their great range of wallpapers? Took many photos today rather than take every sample I liked otherwise would have had a trolley full.
A huge range of different papers
Great prices and they have generous samples.
Some brands include Laura Ashley, Arthouse and House of York.
This Zebra one and the black and gold leopard one below were unusual and bold. I don’t know how a whole wall would look out of them but maybe the inside of a cupboard or something where you aren’t needing a whole lot of it would make a dramatic statement. I’m sure i’ll come up with something to do with them.
I still love the Laura Ashley light duck-egg blue one with the pink bird and butterflies on it at the top. It’s really sweet and girly, perfect for a little girls room. The purple one in the middle has a woven texture and is the perfect shade of lilac! This pic looks more like this seasons bright fashion choices doesn’t it. Purple pants and a zebra or leopard top anyone?
Which wallpapers do you like? And have you seen anything else at Masters that you love?
Lisa xox
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4 comments on “Wallpaper at the Masters store.
  1. I havent yet had a chance to check out Masters and all the glorious things they sell! Cant believe they give you wallpaper samples, that is really good. I would be taking them and framing them! I’ll have to plan a trip in the very near future :)
    Enjoy your blogging break, Im believe that you should only blog when you have something to say, although I find you always have something interesting to say or review! Take care x

  2. Thanks Michelle! You are too kind! You should go to Masters, they have a big paint department with a few new brands I hadn’t heard of too like Marc and Pascol. Along with Dulux and Wattyl. I have had many thoughts on what to do with the wallpaper samples. I wonder how long they will remain free if i take too many. Mind you, they aren’t that expensive to begin with so buying a roll wouldn’t break the bank.

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