Ikea Inspirations

Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was delightfully busy full of catching up with old friends, family and fun with just enough time to start a project or two. The main achievement of the weekend – sorting out somewhere to do these projects. I did have some here and some there so now they are all together waiting to be tackled. But this has taken over part of the games room so now the function of my “future office” may be altered, might need it to be a workroom rather than an office. Back to the think tank!
Thought i’d share a couple of things I found at Ikea Friday that caught my eye.
New in is this Karlsfors Sofa which might be just what I was looking for.
Was looking for a low angular shape couch with buttoning on the back. Loving it in white, though I have heard white leather can turn yellow after a while, but for this price I might be willing to give it a go.
Brown might work too.
It also comes in black and different configurations.
This Alvine Ruta rug caught my eye. Nice design.
Might be a possibility for the family room. 240 x 170 cm
This Lappljung Ruta rug was only $99. Amazing value, big impact.
 If I wasn’t trying to leave black behind in our house I would jump at this!
It is square in shape too which is different. 200 x 200cm
This Samli dining table $139 might make a great computer table for my office,
something a bit different rather than a rectangle shape.
Or this Liatorp dining table.
This is is fully extended otherwise it is round.
And these are what came home with me (from the post below). A massive picture of Manhattan and a plain white Erslev rug. Both great value for money!
 I’ll let you in on where they end up soon.
And here’s my pic for #photoaday on Instagram. “Somewhere you sat”
(Incidentally an Ikea bar stool. Great value for money.)

Have you been to Ikea lately and if so what did you love? And are you doing #photoaday?

Lisa xox
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