Mirror’s for Perth

To follow on from the guest post from Dulles Glass and Mirror trends, today I thought we’d brain storm just a few mirrors available in stores in Perth or on-line. You can find them in all sorts of places and don’t be afraid of adapting them to how you want them with some paint or even give making your own a go. Please be aware that all the pics have been re-sized so please check sizes in descriptions.
  1. Freedom Banks $299  83cm d
  2. Ikea Songe silver $129 
  3. Freedom Ishmir Mirror $499  103 x 128cm
  4. Freedom Allia $199
  5. Ikea Ung Drill $59 also available as a frame. Customize it yourself with some spray paint. 
  6. Freedom Pebble $699 135 x 78cm
  7. Ikea Honefoss $17.95 pack of 10.  2 different brown tones in the pack.
  8. Ikea Hemnes $99 74 x 165cm  Available in White, Black/brown, Grey/brown. Can be hung either way. Very affordable for the size. I have one in my wardrobe. Love it!
Visit Ikea and Freedom webpages for more info

  1. Circa $299.95  81.5cm 
  2. Scoops 3 owl set $60
  3. Octavia $749.95  104cm
  4. Josephine $399  96cm
  5. Corona $199.95  89cm
  6. Dahlia $249.95  88cm
Visit Zanui
  1. Gumtree – Antique round mirror $400 1 meter diameter
  2. Gumtree – Old bevelled mirror $50   800mm x 620mm  
  3. Gumtree- Detailed silver mirror $150  1.06m x 0.76m 
  4. Gumtree- French Antique white carved $365  1m x  0.9m
  5. Gumtree – Empire Black mirror $380  93cm W x 130cm H
  6. Gumtree – Rococo revival set of 2 different mirrors price $225  1.5m H x .95m W

Prices tend to be negotiable, so why not head to gumtree or garage sales and swap meets to try to find a bargain. Don’t forget ebay and stores like Target, K-mart, Myer, Empire, Bunnings, Masters, plus many more. Or even re-vamp one you already own.

Lisa xox